House committee to hold six public hearings on Capitol riot

House committee to hold six public hearings on Capitol riot

The House select committee on January 6th, 2021 is scheduled to hold six public hearings on the Capitol insurrection, according to a draft schedule.

ABC, CNN and MSNBC are expected to focus their coverage on the hearings, and many other outlets are likely to show the hearings on their websites and YouTube channels, including The Independent.

The hearings will be shown live on C-SPAN.

The committee's fifth hearing of the summer is scheduled for Thursday, June 23 at 3 pm ET. It will focus on the wrangling between the Trump administration's top legal appointees and certain Trump allies who jockeyed to influence the Justice Department's response to the election.

Committee Chair Bennie Thompson said this week that due to the volume of new evidence that his panel received since the televised hearings began, the original schedule is being revised, with next week s sessions being postponed so that the process can resume in July.

The hearing featured two Georgia Republican election officials, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Chief Operating Officer Gabe Sterling, along with Republican Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers, who described the emotional impact of a pressure campaign the president s team mounted against him.

In January of last year, the then-President Donald Trump pressured Mr Raffensperger to find enough votes for him to win the state. Raffensperger resisted Mr Trump's efforts. President Joe Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia since Bill Clinton took office in 1992.

Mr Raffensperger has previously spoken to the committee about the call in private. Trump has rejected all of the assertions that he did nothing wrong.

According to reports, the hearings showed how Mr Trump and his associates had violated the law when they tried to overturn the 2020 election.

The committee chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters last month that they wanted to paint a picture as clear as possible of what happened.

The public needs to know what they think. We just have to show clearly what happened on January 6. The plan is for a committee member to lead each of the hearings, but attorneys who know the sensitive material will conduct most of the questioning of witnesses. Attorneys will show texts, photos and videos to strengthen their case.

The panel detailed the Trump team's efforts to overturn his loss in the more than two months from when he falsely claimed to have won the 2020 election until the 6 January Capitol riot.

In a March court filing, the committee said that the president's rhetoric persuaded thousands of Americans to travel to Washington for January 6, some of whom marched on Capitol, breached security and took other illegal actions. Hearings will address those issues in detail, they added.