How OnePlus is going to start selling Nothing Phone 1

How OnePlus is going to start selling Nothing Phone 1

Let's go back a few years. When OnePlus started selling its phones, they took an invite-only route. It also gave the company time to ramp up its stocks and keep the phones in the news for longer, because of the exclusivity of the phones. Now, taking a page out of this playbook is Nothing for the Nothing Phone 1 and it makes sense.

In a video, Pei stated that when it comes to making a complex product like a smartphone, it takes time to ramp up. Pei said that either they could wait and accumulate enough devices to sell en masse, or they could start selling as soon as possible. The company has chosen to do the latter.

Pei said that the company wants to sell the Nothing Phone 1 through an invite system so that people who deserve it most will be able to buy it in the beginning. The next question is how is this invite going to work?

Nothing says it wants to make sure that its early supporters and community members get the Nothing phone 1 first. Wider sales are going to start once it starts ramping up the production of the device. There is nothing that has not been revealed about the invite system.

In 2014, when OnePlus started selling devices, it sent invite codes to members of the online forum for the OnePlus One smartphone. Once these people had bought the devices, they could send their own invite codes to others. Every invite code had to be accepted within 24 hours. In 2016 OnePlus dropped the invites.

It is possible that nothing will take a similar route, but it remains to be seen. Nothing is going to be sold in North America, at least officially, because nothing is not going to use the invite system in the US and Canada.