Ichikawa performs evil-dispelling glare on Skytree

Ichikawa performs evil-dispelling glare on Skytree

TOKYO Kabuki superstar Ichikawa Ebizo performed an evil-dispelling glare on the 634 meter-tall Tokyo Skytree on May 22, the 10th anniversary of the tower's opening.

In Kabuki plays, it has been said that those who are glared at can spend a year in a state of perfect health. Visitors who saw Ichikawa's live streamed performance on the screen applauded the grand rite to ward off evil atop Skytree, which is said to be the tallest broadcast tower in the world.

The tower was built in the Sumida Ward for digital terrestrial broadcasting and started operations on May 22, 2012. The Tobu Tower Skytree Co. said a total of 314.2 million people have visited the Tokyo Skytree Town commercial complex, which includes leisure facilities attached to the tower. In the last 10 years, the Skytree tower alone attracted more than 40.7 million people.