India delays plan to deliver Ukrainian relief

India delays plan to deliver Ukrainian relief

Members of the Self-Defense Forces load bulletproof vests and other supplies onto a transport plane bound for Ukraine. The plan to deliver relief to Ukrainian refugees has been delayed due to inadequate planning with other governments, according to the ruling party policy chief Sanae Takaichi on April 21.

A situation has arisen in which India has refused to allow a Self-Defense Forces plane to land and pick up supplies, Takaichi said at a meeting of Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers. This is a case of insufficient coordination on the part of the government. A Foreign Ministry source said that all the necessary paperwork with relevant countries had not been completed, despite the fact that all the paperwork with relevant countries had not been completed.

Under the plan, SDF planes would fly once a week between late April and the end of June to pick up relief supplies in the Indian city of Mumbai and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The planes would deliver the supplies to Poland and Romania, where many Ukrainian refugees had gathered.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR asked Japan to help Ukrainians who fled the Russian invasion and has supply outposts in Mumbai and Dubai.

Japan has joined Western nations in imposing economic sanctions against Russia and accepting Ukrainian evacuees. The SDF flights would have been another example of a specific assistance measure undertaken by Japan.

India shares democratic values with the other Quad nations of Japan, the United States and Australia, but it has also had a long and friendly relationship with Russia.

India has not participated in the sanctions or the harsh criticism of Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.