Indosat Ooredoo and Google team to digitally transform SMBs

Indosat Ooredoo and Google team to digitally transform SMBs

The strategic partnership will highlight key features to digitally transform Indonesian SMBs throughout their business life cycle, enterprises and communities with the power of 5 G and eventually Indosat Ooredoo's business operations.

In order to digitally transform SMBs, the two companies will create a marketplace of tailored cloud-based services, or software as a service SaaS, with a goal to fully digitalize SMBs on the day they register their businesses and at every stage of their business life cycle. This could include boosting their online presence with Google My Business and boosting their productivity with Google Workspace. It could involve automating and leveraging their businesses using artificial intelligence and/or machine learning AI ML to deliver better customer services with cloud-based smart data analytics, as well as other technology-driven solutions.

The partnership's second goal is to bring together the Indosat Ooredoo network, the leading technologies of Google Cloud, and edge computing to address real challenges across industries by using 5 G technology in building a portfolio of solutions.

By unlocking the full potential of the Google Cloud's capabilities, businesses can move processing closer to end users through mobile applications to create industry-changing experiences in retail, health care, manufacturing, entertainment and other consumer-oriented industries.

The partnership is looking into the development of business-to- business managed security services for advanced resilience and protection against cybersecurity risks. The cooperative innovation around data, 5 G and security will help enterprises drive opportunities for the next generation and build new business models.

The partnership aims to transform the operations of Indosat Ooredoo. Indosat Ooredoo plans to modernize its infrastructure and applications by using the Google Cloud, as it continues its path to innovation as a cloud-first organization.

The two companies will define a road map on data and analytics modernization and AI ML adoption that will enable Indosat Ooredoo to improve core operations, cost effectiveness and customer experience. This road map will help the telecommunications company improve its position in the industry ecosystem and enable it to identify and maximize new business models for future opportunities.

We're excited to work with Indosat Ooredoo to digitize businesses of all sizes in Indonesia and help the company create new engines for long-term innovation and growth. Al-Neama echoed Enslin's enthusiasm. He said that they look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Google that will accelerate digitalization among Indonesian SMBs and the country's transformation into a digital society.