Infographic: Apple is about to launch 2021

Infographic: Apple is about to launch 2021

Apple is about to launch its 2021 products, and it is time to look forward to what might come next year. While the iPhone 14 series and possibly the Apple Watch 8 is expected, we can expect to see additions and improvements to the iPads, iMacs, and Macbooks. Some products that Apple might launch in 2022 have been allegedly leaked but there are more.

Gurman said that Apple might launch the iPhone SE 5 G next year.

According to Gurman, here are the devices Apple is going to launch next year:

The iPad Pro has a new design and wireless charging.

Apple M 2 chipset has an improved port on the iPad Air with improvements probably more ports Improved MacBook Air with the biggest design overhaul yet, Apple M 2 chipset

Three Apple Watches: a new Apple Watch SE model, an updated vanilla model and a more rugged model for extreme sports athletes.

The company s first mixed augmented and virtual reality headset has been designed by the company.

The iPhone SE 5 G is going to be one of the most anticipated devices for markets like India. Apple's iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series support 5 G on the flagship models and it is time for Apple to bring that support to new devices that are in the affordable range. The iPhone SE versions usually use the same processor that is on the latest flagship, the 2022 iPhone SE model should come with 5 G support.

Apple launched the third-gen AirPods this year, so 2022 might be the year when we get a new and improved version of the AirPod Pro. The AirPods launched this year resemble the AirPods pro but without the silicone tips or premium features. Reports suggest that the AirPods Pro for 2022 might come with better active noise cancellation and health-centric features.

These are products that have been in the works for a while, particularly the mixed-reality headset that might be focused on gaming, according to reports. This is an exciting line-up to look forward to.