Infographic: crypto hiring surges in 2021

Infographic: crypto hiring surges in 2021

The trend is likely to continue, as the space has been experiencing a hiring frenzy.

According to LinkedIn, the job postings in the U.S. increased 395% in 2021 from a year ago, a sign of the industry's expansion. In the year 2021, companies from tech giants Meta FB, Twitter TWTR, Amazon AMZN, Wall Street firms JP Morgan JPM, and Fidelity have all posted open positions for crypto talent.

According to LinkedIn, the growth rate of hiring in cryptocurrencies has outpaced that of the tech industry, which saw a 98% increase in job postings in 2021.

Jason Lau, chief operating officer at the Ok coin exchange, told MarketWatch that we are hiring quite a bit. I think we had about 50 open positions at the last count. It's going to be continued hiring. Lau said that we can't overstate how we and other companies are still trying to expand in this space.

In 2021, the most jobs in San Francisco Bay Area Austin, New York City, Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Denver were posted as a variety of companies settled in such cities, according to LinkedIn, according to MarketWatch.

The annual bitcoin conference in Miami has its own coin named MiamiCoin, while Austin has a vibrant criptocurrency culture. According to LinkedIn s analysis, companies are hiring most engineering roles because of the fact that job titles containing a developer and a blockchain engineer take up 15.6% of the total job listings.

The study shows that the majority of the hiring comes in software and finance positions, but other sectors, such as accounting, consulting, staffing and computer hardware, also saw demand for talent in a variety of fields, including cryptanalym, according to the study.

More than 18,000 monthly active developers commit to code in open source and Web 3 projects, according to a report by Electric Capital, which is the next generation of the Internet. In Web 3 there were 65% of active developers in the year 2021, according to the report.

The average salary for a developer in the U.S. is $154,550 per year, higher than the average salary for a developer of $75,073 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.