Infographic: GreyB helps companies find solutions

Infographic: GreyB helps companies find solutions

New Delhi, India January 10 ANI GIPR Innovation is the key when it comes to technological advances in business sector.

The past months have seen a wave of innovations in the technical know-how when it comes to the ease of doing business worldwide after the Pandemic hit the world two years ago.

The companies who are at the forefront of this advancement in technology are the cornerstone of economic growth, no doubt. Without necessary patents and technological help, strategic decisions and their subsequent execution can't be done without the help of keeping track of client problems and supplying solutions to the same.

GreyB, a visionary company when the recession was at its peak in 2008, understands the dilemma of not every company owner having the extra cost of hiring the innovation necessary for the successful run of operations. The company decided to launch a platform where knowledge was available for companies who wanted to piggyback on innovation without having to burn a hole in their budget.

GreyB is a chance for business owners to use technology and innovation invented by others to solve their problems, just like one could learn from other's mistakes. The company is involved in the following three areas - 1 Helping companies find future technology areas and whitespaces, 2 Helping companies generate money for their innovations, and 3 Helping companies defend themselves in patent related legal cases.

Shikhar Sahni, Sr. Vice President at GreyB for its R&D strategy, explains his approach: One easy way companies can innovate is by correlating insights from nearby industries that can impact the business. Patent activity doesn't always have to be a solution to present-day problems. A company can benefit from keeping an eye out for startups that are solving problems that might arise in the future of business. By looking at futuristic patent activity, companies can solve the cost and solution problem at once. The technology that is being used may end up being obsolete if a company doesn't innovate with time. The chances of success of a company are reduced with that.