Infographic: hybrid work will become more common

Infographic: hybrid work will become more common

As companies like Google announce their extension of work from home for employees due to the omicron variant outbreak, Todd McKinnon told The Claman Countdown that hybrid work will become more of the norm.

Different industries are going to be impacted differently, but everyone is in a hybrid world, he said. There is too much value and there is too much motivation in this flexibility, whether it s an employee who wants choice, or a customer who wants to choose that's the hybrid reality. McKinnon said Okta aims to continue administering systems that are solid, secure and flexible under these conditions. Okta's identity cloud product connects people to technology, whether it's in the office, in the home, or from a third-party location. The company reported revenue growth of over 60% in its latest quarterly report.

He said it helps push these companies forward and that's what you see in our success. They know that the future is going to be about uncertainty and be inflexible, and if they can adopt technology, they can help their strategy, they can outflank their competition and build great organizations. As omicron spreads in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and Germany announces lock downs for unvaccinated residents, McKinnon said Okta is investing heavily in the growth of its international business.