Infographic: India has given top names of most of the world

Infographic: India has given top names of most of the world

India has given the top names of most of the biggest companies in the world, despite the fact that most of them are not to blow their own trumpet. Exhibit A: the newest addition, Agrawal, who has been named Jack Dorsey's successor on Twitter.

After Agrawal's appointment, netizens took to social media to discuss how some of the biggest names like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, IBM, Palo Alto Networks and now Twitter are all headed by Indians. Google is led by Sundar Pichai, Microsoft by Satya Nadella, Adobe by Shatanu Narayen, IBM by Arvind Krishna, Palo Alto Networks by Nikesh Arora, VMWare by Rangarajan Raghuram among others.

Apart from desi Twitterati, Stripe CEO Patrick Collison also took to the microblogging site to talk about India's contribution. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, and now Twitter are run by CEOs who grew up in India. Collison said that it was wonderful to see the success of Indians in the technology world and a good reminder of the opportunity America offers to immigrants.

Elon Musk, who is eyeing Tesla's entrance in the Indian market, said that the US benefits greatly from Indian talent.

Anand Mahindra compared the appointment of Indians as CEOs to a pandemic that has no vaccine yet amid Indian bigwigs. This is a pandemic that we are proud to say originated in India. He said that it was the Indian CEO Virus No vaccine against it.

Congress leader Milind Deora said that India was at the forefront of global innovation in the Golden Age, and it is now time to revisit the Gupta empire and stop the brain drain.

Netizens started a discussion about how India needs to nurture its talents. Suhel Seth asked why India can't create its own Twitter or Google when it has so great talent.

In 2011, the IIT-Bombay alumnus joined Twitter as an ads engineer. He was the CTO from October 2017 until he was elevated to CEO. Agrawal holds a PhD in computer science from Stanford University and a Bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.