Infographic: Microsoft CEO reflects on how the year has been

Infographic: Microsoft CEO reflects on how the year has been

As 2021 draws to a close, CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella decided to look back at how the year has been for the US-based tech giant. People continue to use technology to help the world overcome its great limitations in a time of great constraints. The US tech boss tweeted, "I am inspired by what you have done in 2021 and optimistic that you will continue to drive change in the chapter ahead."

There is no doubt that 2021 has been a year of hardship and heartbreak for so many across the world. In this video, Microsoft CEO also says organisations are using Micosoft's tools to expand economic opportunity for everyone and bring broadband and digital skills to underserved communities. He said mixed reality has also been employed to train a new generation of workers and to help the differently abled.

He said that this technology helped in ensuring equitable access to vaccine and healthcare. Nadella said he is inspired by the work done to ensure sustainability. I am inspired by your work to build a more sustainable future for most finite resource, our planet. From creating new solutions to remove excess carbon to helping indigenous people protect their lands. The Washington-based tech mogul said that we are entering a new era of technology that will redefine almost every aspect of work and life. Nadella had talked about trends like hybrid work, hyper-connected business, digital business, and frequent job switching, which was a big topic in his Microsoft Ignite 2021 Keynote address.

Let's talk about the trends that are changing every company. It starts with a new world of hybrid work. We are seeing a change in how we work, when we work and where our work gets done. More and more people are asking the very basic question, why do we work. He said this leads to two challenges that we call the hybrid paradox and the great reshuffle. He added that flexibility is key in the case of hybrid and that productivity is not mutually exclusive.

Nadella talked about the sweeping business process transformation that is underway with trends like building a hyper-connected business and becoming a digital business. He stated that every business process will be powered by data and artificial intelligence and will bridge the digital and physical worlds.