Infographic: Portugal has 19,237 COVID 19 deaths

Infographic: Portugal has 19,237 COVID 19 deaths

The country has had 19,237 deaths since the start of the epidemic, according to Portugal's Directorate-General for Health DGS.

The country's health authorities reported 40,090 new COVID 19 cases in the past 24 hours, making Friday the third day in a row with more than 40,000 daily cases. The country has a cumulative total of 1,814, 567 infections.

The number of hospitalized patients remained unchanged at 1,699, with 162 in intensive care units.

In the past 24 hours, 27,424 people recovered from COVID 19 have brought the total number of recoveries to 1,495, 733.

Over 8.7 million people in Portugal have already completed a primary vaccination series against COVID 19, and 3.5 million people have received the booster dose, according to the DGS.