Information on user accounts accidentally uploaded

Information on user accounts accidentally uploaded

TOKYO Kyodo payment data from around 130,000 user accounts in Japan and abroad on a Line Pay Corp. smartphone app, a service operated by major messaging app Line Corp., was available on the internet for more than two months until November, the company said.

Line Pay said Monday that the information accidentally uploaded by its group firm, which was viewable between Sept. 12 and Nov. 24, included payment amounts, dates and times during a promotional campaign that was held from December 2020 to April this year, but did not include user names, addresses or credit card numbers.

The information leak may have been reported so far, but it may have been possible to identify users through a special analysis, according to Line Pay.

The company said 11 instances were confirmed in which the information was accessed externally and warned users they could receive suspicious messages from potential fraudsters.

The firm said in a statement that they apologize deeply for causing great trouble and concern.

Line Pay allows users to send money online, make online purchases or pay at shops and restaurants.