Infosys working closely with I-T Department on next set of areas

Infosys working closely with I-T Department on next set of areas

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said on Wednesday that the company is working closely with the Income Tax Department on the next set of areas related to the I-T portal as new modules will be added to it.

In 2019, Infosys was given the contract to develop the new portal. It was launched in June last year and stakeholders reported glitches and difficulties in the functioning of the portal.

As of December 31, 5.8 crore returns were filed through that timeframe, which is extremely proud of the I-T project. More than 46 lakh returns were filed on the day and the deadline was maintained. Parekh spoke to reporters.

He said that users were able to file their tax returns through the portal and that the company was grateful that it could contribute to the vision of Digital India.

He said that they are working closely with the I-T Department on the next set of areas that will become part of the system as new modules are put together.

The finance ministry on August 23 had summoned Parekh to explain why issues continued to plague the portal after glitches were reported on the portal.

Several technical issues have been resolved and the performance of the portal has stabilised.

On December 16, senior officials of the ministry had a meeting with the Infosys team about the preparedness of the e-filing website during the peak filing period.

Infosys had informed the officials about the steps taken, including a doubling of the technical infrastructure and setting up a dedicated war room to monitor the performance of the portal.

Nearly 5.89 crore Income Tax Returns ITRs for the 2020 -- 21 fiscal year have been filed on the portal until December 31, 2021. There were more than 46.11 lakh ITRs filed on December 31.