IntegriChain expands India operations with new A-Grade facilities

IntegriChain expands India operations with new A-Grade facilities

Pune Maharashtra India January 24 ANI SRV IntegriChain, Life Sciences' only comprehensive data and business process platform for market access, announced it has expanded its India operations with new A-Grade facilities in Pune, Maharashtra, following a 100% year-on-year growth consistently over the past three years.

In 2022, the Company plans to add more than 100 technology employees to its India team.

IntegriChain is a data, technology, and business process company serving the $500 billion US pharmaceutical industry. The Company started its operations 15 years ago with a vision to help pharmaceutical manufacturers transform access to innovative therapies that improve patient lives. Today, IntegriChain is a leading provider of therapy commercialization data and insights, as well as business process operations and optimization.

More than 250 pharma manufacturers rely on IntegriChain's ICyte Platform to address the complicated processes of payer contracting, patient services, and distribution channels. The Company has grown its India operations by 100%, increasing its team of data, technology, and business process professionals.

IntegriChain is designed to help patients start therapy faster and stay in therapy longer. Our ICyte data and business process platform gives pharmaceutical manufacturers the insights to make sure patients have access to life-saving and life-changing therapies. In order to maintain our forefront position in the market and improve patient access to therapy, we rely on our outstanding Pune team to help drive technology innovation and implementation, said Kevin E. Leininger, Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer at IntegriChain.

We invest in our workforce, adopting exciting new technologies, and improving our operational processes to provide differentiated products and services to customers at IntegriChain. Sachin Sadekar, Vice President and Managing Director, India Operations, said, with our recent rapid growth, we look forward to expanding our Pune data science and technology teams and continuing to enable the career development of our employees.

The key to success is taking care of employees, according to IntegriChain. The Company focuses on building a culture of employee-friendly with policies, schemes, and packages that foster the overall well-being of their employees.

Our people are our biggest asset, and we are doing everything we can to make it a positive environment for them to function at their best. Compensation and benefits are just a part of the picture, but the culture we have created is one where everyone feels respected and valued. Prajakta Jagtap, the Director People Culture, India, said that the focus is on making work enjoyable and rewarding, rather than an element that adds stress.

IntegriChain encourages open communication where employees are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas with all levels of the hierarchy, eliminating the noise in between. The Company uses non-wage compensation for its employees, which is merit- and outcomes-driven. IntegriChain focuses on the healthcare needs of employees, addressing both mental and physical well-being.

IntegriChain employs a hybrid model of work in which team members work together with the managers and colleagues to design a model of partly working from the office and partly from home that suits each employee's preferences and yet ensures significant collaboration. IntegriChain also employs constructive programs and events for employee wellness such as vaccination drives, mental health camps, unlimited paid leave, wellness webinars, and many others that benefit employee satisfaction.