Intel to build two new semiconductor factories in Ohio

Intel to build two new semiconductor factories in Ohio

Mike DeWine applauded Intel's plans to build chip factories in the state, which will provide new jobs and invest billions in the local economy.

Intel will build two new facilities, injecting $20 billion of value into Ohio s economy. DeWine stated that Intel's project will be the largest private sector investment in Ohio s history, with the potential to generate 20,000 jobs.

Initial reports stated that a facility would be built near Columbus, Ohio, but Lt. Gov. Jon Husted stated that Intel planned to build two factories in Licking County by the year 2025.

Husted said that the factory will have Intel's most advanced process technologies and will help reconfigure the global semiconductor supply chain. DeWine praised the project as having a nationwide impact. 5 G FREQUENCY WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT Decades of offshoring chip manufacturing led to supply-chain disruptions in the U.S. that crippled major sectors of the economy during the Pandemic, DeWine tweeted. IntelOhio will help reverse this trend. President Biden said the investment was a major win for his effort to ramp up domestic manufacturing, especially in light of the supply chain crisis, which has heavily impacted microchip distribution and subsequent manufacturing efforts.

Biden said that they're making contracts to make sure they have access to them, and they are doing things that they didn't know they had, as well as increasing onshoring operations. This is a historic investment in America and American workers. Intel has pledged to invest over $100 billion in manufacturing as part of its effort to regain its place as the top chip producer after stumbling in 2020 to fall behind Nvidia Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co.

DeWine will speak more about the project Friday afternoon at an event on Facebook.