Investors remain cautious despite expected surge in consumer prices

Investors remain cautious despite expected surge in consumer prices

Investors remained cautious however as a Labor Department report revealed an unexpected surge in consumer prices last month. Small stocks were flat or moderately higher.

At close on Wednesday, the Nasdaq Composite was ahead of 105.71 points or 0,73 percent at 14,571 (Nasdaq Composite) in the market. The Standard and Poor's 500 edged up 13.15 points or 0.30 percent to 4,363 in the ESRI. Dow Jones dipped just 0.43 of a single point to 14,571. If the recent pace of increased inflation continues, that could push the Fed to start removing accommodation sooner than later, which may hurt stocks and other risk assets, said Nancy Davis, founder of Quadratic Capital Management in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The dollar is strengthened to 1.1591, near the New York close on Wednesday. The British pound strengthened to 1.3656. The Swiss franc was stronger at 0.9239, the Swiss money was slightly stronger.

The Canadian dollar edged for 1.2441. The dollar of New Zealand increased more than a quarter of a cent to 0.6961.

The Russell FTSE 100 rose on overseas equity markets in London 0.16 percent. The CAC 40 added 0.75 percent in Paris. In Germany, Dax was up 0.68 percent.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225-index dropped 90.32 points or 0.32 percent to 28140 in Asian markets. The Australian All Ordinaries dipped 0.70 points or 3.70 percent to 7,571.