Investors: 'These tailwinds don't stop in any time soon'

Investors: 'These tailwinds don't stop in any time soon'

Hasty Business Director of Investment Strategy joined Maria to discuss the future prospects of the market in December 2018, after the fall of the 10-year Treasury by a number of funds with the Haverford Trust Company. He said to stay invested because the market tailwinds aren't dissipating anytime soon.

We have massive stimulus, monetary and fiscal stimulus vaccine success that's leading to consumer confidence and an unleashing of pent-up demand and corporate earnings that are blowing the socks off of all expectations.

How is the M 2 money supply expansion also growing at double digits? Is it difficult to step in front of these tailwinds.

And we have seen this in terms of market action in the past month where there have been some weeks that started off with some really big downdrafts and all of a sudden we're thinking: oh, boy, here comes the correction, only to end the week at all time highs. Are you still invested? These tailwinds don't stop in any time soon.