Jack Dorsey says China must end the CCP

Jack Dorsey says China must end the CCP

Jack Dorsey, the former Twitter CEO, responded to a news segment on the Chinese government's current approach to COVID 19 policies with a simple message.

After Dorsey saw a report highlighting the strict COVID 19 policies the Chinese government has in place, over two and a half years since the pandemic began, he offered a solution: end the CCP. The report stated that COVID 19 testing in China is strict and constant, adding that a public health-oriented phone application dictates where someone can go.

A green code is required when entering public areas, and a red code means that the person has to go into quarantine.

The COVID-19 testing is mandatory for Beijing's population, which is over 20 million people, according to the report.

The city ended a two-month lockdown on June 1 in China, such as Shanghai.

During the Shanghai lockdown, residents of the city struggled to get necessities such as food. China has a zero COVID approach to the Pandemic, meaning that a slight increase in cases could lead to widespread lock-downs.