Japan says Ukrainian evacuees working in adult entertainment facilities

Japan says Ukrainian evacuees working in adult entertainment facilities

Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa said on Friday that Ukrainians who have fled to Japan have been working in hostess clubs and other adult entertainment establishments, warning that such work is not allowed under their visa status.

There have been cases in which evacuees from Ukraine have been reported to be working at certain types of establishments they are not allowed to work at, Furukawa said after a Cabinet meeting.

A total of 1,055 Ukrainians had fled to Japan as of Wednesday, according to the government. Evacuees are allowed to stay in Japan for a year and work with a visa status.

The residential status does not allow them to work at hostess clubs, bars or adult entertainment facilities that are restricted under adult entertainment law.

Furukawa said that the Immigration Services Agency has sent written notifications to Ukrainian evacuees to make them aware that their work is a violation of their visa status.

The minister expressed concerns that some evacuees could become victims of human trafficking.

The United Nations refugee agency has said that some Ukrainian refugees have become victims of human traffickers, while UNICEF warned children fleeing the war are at heightened risk of human trafficking and exploitation.