Japan studying Ukraine war to prepare for increased defense spending

Japan studying Ukraine war to prepare for increased defense spending

A map detailing the development of the war in Ukraine was posted on the Defense Ministry's website Kaigo Narisawa The Defense Ministry is studying the war in Ukraine to prepare for Japan s response to such an invasion and to decide what equipment an enhanced defense budget should focus on, sources said.

Parts of its analysis was released on the ministry's website and Twitter account.

The ministry said on its website, Related to Ukraine, that it was working to collect and analyze information about trends, while focusing on the impact of the war on the Indo-Pacific region. The map shows the course of the war, the number of combatants dispatched and the number of missiles fired by the day.

According to Yoshihide Yoshida, chief of staff of the Ground Self-Defense Force, the ministry is collecting and analyzing such data to learn from Japan's defense against an attack.

A source close to the ministry said such activities serve as a useful reference to think about Japan's strategy and fighting tactics. Anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles as well as drones have been effective in Ukraine's counterattacks against Russia, according to the study.

The Ukrainians asked countries to supply them with heavy-armored tanks and vehicles, as well as fighter jets.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told U.S. President Joe Biden on May 23 that Japan will increase its defense spending. The increase has been discussed by the Diet.

The battles between Russia and Ukraine have given a clue about the kind of equipment Japan will get with the bigger budget, a ministry source said.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been characterized as a conflict between modern militaries and a hybrid war involving cyberattacks and spreading disinformation.

Old-fashioned equipment is what has influenced the war situation so far, according to a senior ministry official.

The ministry is expected to maintain its southwest shift that focuses on gathering troops mainly in Okinawa Prefecture to keep an eye on the increasing maritime activities of China in the area.

At least 30 countries have provided military aid to Ukraine, according to a ministry source.

The burden of the United States has been reduced, the source said. The degree of U.S. involvement in the area surrounding Japan will increase. According to the ministry's analysis so far, Russia has had a record of military failures in Ukraine, inside sources said.

Russia has underestimated Ukrainian troops, as well as its decision to launch a full-scale invasion with tanks and other vehicles that became clogged on the roads.

The Russian military decision-makers and their ground, marine and air forces lacked coordination, the sources said.

A battle will not work out well without the systemization of the combat power and the ability of commanders of each level to make a situational judgment, Yoshida said at a news conference on June 2.