Japan to issue ID cards to hundreds of Ukrainian evacuees

Japan to issue ID cards to hundreds of Ukrainian evacuees

TOKYO Kyodo Japan is preparing to issue identity cards to hundreds of Ukrainians who have fled to Japan, authorities said Tuesday. It is part of an effort to help them regain their lives in the country.

The IDs are expected to smoothen the process of confirming their status as evacuees when they process paperwork at municipal offices and banks. The immigration agency hopes to issue the cards within a week.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began in late February, 719 evacuees had come to Japan by Sunday, including some without any family connections in the country.

The immigration agency received requests to make it easier for Ukrainians in Japan to prove they have fled their country during the ongoing war, which led to the decision to issue IDs.

The card will contain a photo of the evacuee, along with a statement certifying the individual as a Ukrainian evacuee accepted by the government of Japan. It is expected to be used along with their passport and residence card.

The agency was informing evacuees about the issuance of the card on Tuesday.

A Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa said at a news conference that the government as a whole will continue to provide close assistance to evacuees.