Joe Manchin again slams Biden's social spending plan

Joe Manchin again slams Biden's social spending plan

Sen. Joe Manchin, once again, poured cold water on hopes that the Senate would pass President Biden's ambitious Build Back Better social spending plan.

There is not a Build Back Better revival, Manchin, D-W. Va. told reporters Tuesday at the Capitol. Manchin said legislation that deals with major social changes as BBB tries to tackle free preschool, clean energy projects and health care needs to go through the regular Senate process to build consensus. If you think you need reconciliation because you got a great piece of legislation, but people are playing politics with it that's another. We haven't had any hearings on any of these things, Manchin said.

Environmental groups, lobbyists and progressives are making a new push to get something passed in the Senate before the midterm elections in November, just after a spring break break.

Many lawmakers view July 4 as a crucial deadline to get something done before the midterm season, and White House officials are facing the real fear that they will not reach a deal with Manchin to get anything done, according to the Washington Post's conversations with Biden administration officials.

Manchin, who has raised concerns about how excess spending could cause inflation to go up, gave no indication Tuesday that he was in a hurry to get something done.

He said the reconciliation process should be used for financial means and the U.S. financial house is not in order with runaway inflation that is hurting everyday Americans.

Manchin said that everywhere in America is getting hit by this, and that the inflation reached a 40-year-high.