Kenya's Kebs official loses bid to stop prosecution

Kenya's Kebs official loses bid to stop prosecution

A Kenya Bureau of Standards Kebs official in Mombasa who is charged with stealing Sh 26.3 million from the agency has lost a bid to stop his prosecution.

High Court judge John Mativo dismissed a petition by the High Court judge Augustine Wachira Maganjo, saying he had not shown that his prosecution lacked factual basis or was an abuse of the court process.

Justice Mativo further directed the case against Mr Maganjo, who is charged with hearing and determination alongside four of his colleagues.

The judge said that Mr Maganjo presented a detailed account of his duties and responsibilities and purported to shift blame to his co-accused.

But that s how far it goes, the law is that it is not for this court to determine the veracity of or to weigh the strength of the evidence or accused persons defence. Justice Mativo said it was a function for the trial court hearing the criminal trial.

The court can only intervene if there are cogent and proven allegations of violation of the Constitution, constitutional rights, threats to violation of rights or clear circumstances where it is obvious that the accused won't be given a fair trial, according to Justice Mativo.