Kim Kardashian’s wedding dresses spark new controversy

Kim Kardashian’s wedding dresses spark new controversy

The designers refused to open their archives no matter how hard she tried, even deploying her mother, Kris Jenner, to help make her case. Domenico Dolce explained that the past is the past. Kardashian proved she had the right stuff.

When Travis Barker married Kourtney Kardashian in Italy, social media swarmed with the vintage Dolce Gabbana dresses she and her sisters wore. She and her stylist compiled a book of more than 100 desired Dolce Gabbana looks that she and her stylist compiled years ago, and all of it came from Kim Kardashian'sKardashian's private collection.

Everything looked insane. Kardashian said the wedding looks were so fun. I think the designers were surprised when I came with all my own stuff and I had been collecting it for years. Dolce said the wedding photos persuaded them to dig into the archives, and he approached Kardashian about the project.

We were afraid that the vintages dresses would look old. They were still contemporary, Dolce said.