Kim orders military to stabilise supply of medicines in Pyongyang

Kim orders military to stabilise supply of medicines in Pyongyang

The DPRK leader Kim Jong-un center visited a pharmacy in Pyongyang on May 15, 2022, according to this photo provided by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea government. SEOUL SINGAPORE HANOI - the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's leader Kim Jong-un led an emergency politburo meeting and ordered the military be used to stabilize the supply of medicines in Pyongyang as the country battles its first confirmed COVID 19 outbreak, state media reported on Monday.

The government had ordered the distribution of its national medicine reserves, but Kim said that the drugs procured by the state are not reaching people in a timely and accurate manner through pharmacies.

Kim ordered that the army's medical corps deploy powerful forces to immediately stabilize the supply of medicine in Pyongyang City. The KCNA also reported that Kim visited pharmacies located near the Taedong River in Pyongyang to find out about the supply and sales of drugs.

Kim said pharmacies are not well-equipped to perform their functions smoothly, there are no adequate drug storage areas other than the showcases, and salespeople are not equipped with proper sanitary clothing.

The DPRK reported 392,920 more people with fever symptoms, with eight new deaths, according to KCNA.

A notice warning against gathering in groups larger than five persons as part of restrictions to hald the spread of the coronaviruses is displayed at Raffles Place financial business district in Singapore on January 4, 2022. ROSLAN RAHMAN AFP Singapore reported 2,651 new confirmed cases of COVID 19 on Sunday, bringing the total to 1,242, 884.

According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Health, 356 cases were detected through PCR polymerase chain reaction tests and 2,295 through ART antigen rapid test tests.

The death toll was 1,363 as a result of one death from COVID - 19 on Sunday, the ministry said.

Passengers wait for transportation outside the arrival hall of the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi on March 15, 2022, as Vietnam announced the reintroduction of a visa exemption policy for 13 countries in an effort to kickstart its tourism sector. NHAC NGUYEN AFP Vietnam recorded 1,594 new COVID 19 cases on Sunday, down by 301 from Saturday, according to the Ministry of Health.

All of the new infections were domestically transmitted in 47 provinces and cities.

The total number of infections rose to 10,696, 630 with 43,065 deaths.