Kraft-Heinz's limited-edition wine sells out just one day after launch

Kraft-Heinz's limited-edition wine sells out just one day after launch

Kraft-Heinz's KHC Grey Poupon has a limited-edition wine made from mustard seeds, honeysuckle and viognier grapes from the south of France.

The brand sold out just one day after its release — but Yahoo Finance was made to test it before it quickly disappeared from shelves.

Upon arrival, the bottle of La Moutarde Vin looked and smelled like normal wine with a slight tangy hue and faint yellow aroma.

A descriptive card included in the packaging says that each bottle contains bright floral hints of spice, vibrant citrus and floral characteristics balanced by vibrant acidity and that each bottle is infused with our Grey Poupon mustard seeds. Surprisingly, the wine tasted light and crisp — and not at all like mustard.

We watched as leisurely lunches were replaced by food delivery apps and desk-side snacking, Kraft Heinz said in a press release after the Wine's launch.

Here at Grey Poupon we want lunch to feel worthy of savoring again, added the company.

Trade magazine The Drinks Business called the La Moutarde wine of well framed and well made, noting that it is doubtful that anyone would taste the influence of mustard infusion where there are no actual seeds in it. The quirky concoction is presented with 13.7% ABV, retails for $20 and comes with an 8 oz. In recent years more food brands have adopted similar marketing schemes and wine! to attract new consumers and drive increased traffic toward core products.

Taco Bell YUM unveiled Jalapeo Noir last year, which followed the relaunch of the toasted cheesy Kalaupa to Pair with the vaulted new creation. It sold out in one day, too.

Meanwhile, Cheez-Itz released sparkling wine last month after the success of its limited-edition red and rosiden wine cracker boxes.