Leena AI launches Covid 19 Workplace Response Suite

Leena AI launches Covid 19 Workplace Response Suite

New Delhi India January 12 ANI PRNewswire Leena AI, the company that is revolutionizing the enterprise employee experience, has launched the Covid 19 Workplace Response Suite.

The new product helps organizations keep track of employee vaccination records, employee health status, and employee rostering, thereby facilitating a seamless return to the workplace.

It is also a complete suite for HR functions in the organization, as well as the existing offerings of Leena AI, including HR Workflows, Case Management, Knowledge Management, Employee Onboarding and FAQ Automation.

Leena AI's Covid- 19 Workplace Response Suite is designed to minimize the risk of the pandemic in the workplace, and includes multiple modules, including :

To help organizations keep a record of their employee's vaccination status, they need to make sure they are workplace ready. Organizations can run vaccination-reminder campaigns for the partially vaccinated.

Organizations can take proactive measures to prevent the spread of the infection with the help of the Leena AI Covid 19 Workplace Response Suite. This feature simplifies the health declaration process for employees, where they can upload test reports and even initiate health checkups if needed.

Roster management is a matter of fact.

Organizations can easily create a rotating roster and take preventive actions based on employees' vaccination status and health declarations.

There are options to set up custom workflows with minimal deployment time, depending on the organization's needs. A company can request a specific workflow, such as 'Request for PPE kits' or 'Request a workstation setup, wherever applicable.

More organizations are opting for a hybrid work model. Most organizations are not fully prepared due to the sudden shift in work models and required compliances. Adit Jain, co-founder and CEO of Leena AI, said this gap was our inspiration to build the Covid 19 Workplace Response Suite. Our mission at Leena AI has always been to improve the enterprise's employee experience. The Covid 19 Workplace Response Suite is a first-of-its-kind solution for organizations to streamline workplace return. Leena AI is an AI platform that helps enterprises improve their HR service delivery. With Leena AI, companies can remove the need for HR staff to work on tasks such as answering policy-related questions, knowledge management, generating employee documents on demand and managing employee tickets so they can focus on high-value activities. Leena AI is used in 100 platforms including SAP SuccessFactors, ADP, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft Office 365, and over 250 customers, including Nestle, Puma, AirAsia Coca-cola, Lafarge Holcim, and Abbott, with millions of employees worldwide relying on the platform. Leena AI was founded in 2018.

You can find more information on the site: leena.ai.

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