Macau opens test programme for COVID - 19 - day coronavirus cases


HONG KONG, Aug 4 - The gambling hub of Macau has launched a test programme for its 600,000 members after the Chinese capital confirmed four new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, it said in a statement on Wednesday.

Macau has built 41 nucleic acid testing stations in the city, which will run non-stop for at least three days, which is the estimated required period, said the statement. Appointments would not be necessary, it said.

Macau has recorded only 59 coronavirus cases and registered no deaths so far, according to the Government of Hong Kong.

In a separate statement, Hong Kong's government said Macau was removed from its list of places from which residents could return to the finance hub without the need for quarantine. When 'Return 2 HK' lists in China, a list of places already shows only those with places from mainland China.