Man shoots himself to death near US Capitol, police say

Man shoots himself to death near US Capitol, police say

A man drove into a barricade near the US Capitol in Washington DC early Sunday morning, fired several shots into the air after his vehicle ignited, and shot himself to death, according to police.

Officials quickly noted that they had not decided a motive for the man's actions, though they did say there was no indication that he was targeting Congress members who were in recess at the time.

A man with his identity not being released crashed his car into the barricades at East Capitol and Second Street, a press statement from the Capitol police said.

As he exited his car, the vehicle became engulfed in flames. The man tried to fire a gun several times in the air, prompting police officers to approach him.

The man shot himself as officers approached, according to Capitol police. At this time, it does not appear that the man is targeting any members of Congress who are on recess, and it does not appear officers have fired their weapons, the police said.

On Sunday, investigators were looking into the man's background and didn't immediately disclose any preliminary findings.

The Guardian reached out to the DC medical examiner's office asking for the name of the driver in Sunday's case, but was unable to respond immediately.