Mark Zuckerberg says Meta will reach billions of people who spend billions

Mark Zuckerberg says Meta will reach billions of people who spend billions

Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told CNBC that he hoped Meta would reach billions of people who spend hundreds of dollars each to express themselves or decorate their surroundings.

Participants can make eye contact, which is difficult to achieve in video calls or voice chats.

All of these tweaks are designed to give you a real experience of being present. Zuckerberg said that enhancing these experiences and developing Meta to be even more immersive will be the main goal of the company over the next ten years.

Meta admitted to having financial difficulties earlier this month. The expenses must be reduced to $87 billion and $92 billion this year, according to the company s CFO, David Wehner. Meta s expenses from 2021 were between $90 billion and $95 billion. The company said they would be slowed down the hiring pace as well as other expense cuts to reduce expenses.

A few days after this announcement, the public blockchain network host Difinity Foundation sued Meta for allegedly using Difinity's logo. The Foundation said Meta's use of its logo could cause harm to its reputation.

Despite these challenges, Zuckerberg is very optimistic about Meta's growth. He noted that Meta is already doing well and that the metaverse industry is slowly emerging.

I've been really happy with how that's gone. It exceeded my expectations. I think it will take a while for it to get to the scale of several hundreds of millions or even billions of people in the metaverse, just because things take some time to get there. That is the North Star. The other services that we run are on a somewhat larger scale already today. Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company needs to release a stack of hardware and software to grow into a billion-dollar platform.

Despite the company's financial problems, Zuckerberg said Meta will make significant long-term research investments. The research will focus on developing tools to help Meta grow.

The company is already taking specific steps toward their visions. The company plans to launch a payment platform by filing trademark applications for Meta Pay on May 10, 2022.