Marsha Blackburn slams Biden's 'grossly unfair' student loan plan

Marsha Blackburn slams Biden's 'grossly unfair' student loan plan

During an interview with Maria, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn slammed President Biden's grossly unfair student loan handout plan, arguing that it will only bolster universities' ability to hike tuition rates.

210 million Americans don't have a college degree, according to SEN. MARSHA BLACKBURN. 40% of student loan debt is held by who? The rich are doctors, lawyers, PhDs, and advanced degrees. Only 10% of the wage earners are held by the bottom fifth. This is one of the most egregious oversteps that are going to allow colleges to increase tuition because they are not held accountable for the fact that people can't get a job once they finish college.

It is grossly unfair to people who have worked. I know a single mom who worked two jobs and her daughter worked two jobs. The parents did this for five years in order to get their daughter to come out of school with a teaching degree.