Massive blaze breaks out at oil depot in Russian city

Massive blaze breaks out at oil depot in Russian city

A massive blaze has broken out in Bryansk, a large strategically important city.

A fire broke out on Monday morning at a oil depot in Bryansk, a large Russian city about 150 km from Ukraine and 370 km south-west of Moscow.

The blaze occurred at a premises operated by Transneft-Druzhba JSC and at another location, officials told RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Emergency Situations has advised that no casualties have been reported and there is no threat to residential buildings.

The evacuation of the population is not planned. According to preliminary information, there were no victims, according to the press service, according to TASS. Local residents reported that an explosion was heard and sirens were audible in social media videos.

The causes of which have not yet been established have been reported by Moscow daily Kommersant, as another fire was recorded in the Fokinsky district of the city. Bryansk is home to over 400,000 people and is an important regional hub.

A 10,000 ton tank of diesel fuel was ignited, according to an Interfax source. State-owned Rossiya 24 TV has suggested that the second object that caught fire was a diesel fuel depot in a military unit.

Before Monday s incident, officials in the Bryansk Region warned of a potential terrorist threat. In parts of the Voronezh region and the entire Belgorod region, where Ukraine was accused of shelling an oil depot earlier this month, similar fears were made. The Russian military offensive, which began on February 24th, continues in the neighboring state.

The governor of Kursk Region, Roman Starovoit, claimed overnight that a Russian air defense system had shot down two Ukrainian drones in the sky over the village of Borovskoye.