Men to increase their mustaches during Movember celebration

Men to increase their mustaches during Movember celebration

Over the past several years, November has become associated with an annual event known as Movember. Men will increase their mustaches during the month in an effort to raise awareness for mental health issues.

Last year Pringles joined the celebration by having its iconic mascot lose his iconic mustache at the start of the month. Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, said: «The last 18 months have been tough for people, their families, and friends we've all seen it and felt it.» At the heart of Pringles is about socializing, sharing a can and getting together virtually or physically. We want to motivate more men to stay connected and have real discussions about how they feel. What's a better way to show commitment than with a charity like Movember who is making such a positive impact on men’s mental health through their projects across the world? Kroger donated $150,000 to Movember last year, based on the sold products at Pringles locations.

We appreciate Mark Hedstrom's commitment to tackling one of the key issues faced by men, U.S. executive director of Movember said John Pringles.

The mental health remain a challenge to many people, including men, he continued. We continue to encourage everyone to take the time to check-in and be there for men in your life. In these tough times, it can be lifesaving. We hope that by sharing a can of Pringles with friends, men will be encouraged to talk about their mental health more often and openly and to have happier, healthier and longer lives.