Millions in Aberdeen govt. site closure

Millions in Aberdeen govt. site closure

A total of 95 staff has been retained to continue limited activity at the two sites while the administrators explore the possibility that the sites and assets could be sold.

He said they were told that they were redundant, they exhausted every avenue they had to try to keep the place open.

It was no surprise to any of us to learn that the company was in trouble, that had been the case for a long time and since 2019 we've had serious issues, and the management team has struggled to keep the operation going. Mackay said the site has been here for 252 years, and an awful lot of the families that were here 252 years ago are still here.

It's a tragedy for the area, it's the end of an era, a large part of Aberdeen's history revolved around mills, to see it go, it's a tragedy for the area, it's a tragedy for Scotland.

It really hasn't sunk in to a lot of our members, we are still trying to understand how this happened so quickly. It said that this decision will be a very uncertain time for the company's staff, their families and the local areas.