Minister visits dedicated Igman factory in southern Germany

Minister visits dedicated Igman factory in southern Germany

Nermin Djindic, the Federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry, visited the dedicated industry factory Igman Konjic yesterday, where he had a meeting with the Administration led by director Djahid Muratbegovic.

The director informed the minister about Igman's operations this year and plans for the end of the year.

Igman continued with positive operations and creation of new values, which is a result of the policy of the Ministry that directed the entire profit in previous years into new investments, according to Minister Djindic.

In the past five years, Igman has launched two completely new lines and several completely new products, and modernized the others. During my mandate, the number of employees increased by more than 400 workers, and all business parameters were doubled, which shows that Igman is one of the best factories in the world. A country with a dedicated industry has enormous resources and opportunities, which is especially important when you consider what is happening in the world right now. Our intention is to increase production, increase the number of jobs, increase exports, turnover and investments, emphasized Djindic.

Director Muratbegovic pointed out that he expects to see even better business results in the coming period, where the support of Minister Djindic plays an important role.