Mitt Romney says Biden must ditch woke advisers

Mitt Romney says Biden must ditch woke advisers

Joe Biden must act to reduce economic pressure by ditching woke advisers, Mitt Romney said.

The former Republican presidential nominee, Utah Senator and former Republican presidential nominee, wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal.

Romney wrote that a new set of priorities requires a new set of principals. President Biden needs to ditch his woke advisers and surround himself with people who want to get the economy working again. Romney s office didn't respond immediately to a request for comment about what a woke adviser was or who might qualify for the title. The White House didn't make a statement.

As the midterm elections approach, the Biden administration faces strong economic challenges. Inflation is at a long-term high, adding to a cost-of-living crisis fueled by the coronaviruses and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Biden's favourability rating has plummeted as polling shows disapproval of his handling of economic affairs.

The uncertainty of war in Europe has been supplanted by the promise of a country no longer under the pandemic sway. Romney is a rare Republican who was not under Donald Trump's influence, having been the only GOP senator to vote to convict Trump in both his impeachment trials. Romney has also plotted a middle course on political issues.

He was one of three Republicans who voted to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first black woman on the supreme court. Biden compared Romney to his father, Michigan governor George Romney, who stood up and made these decisions on civil rights, but Romney came out swinging, according to the Journal.

He said that the Biden administration did a lot of wrong, including injecting $1.9 tn into a supply constrained economy, sending stay-at- home checks, squeezing oil and gas production, squeezing oil and gas production, lining up behind unions, and pushing another deficit-financed budget. Biden must stop nominating doves to the Fed Romney, and instead demand hard-nosed economists. He also demanded Biden drop his Build Back Better spending plan, which he hopes to boost social care and combat the climate crisis.

Romney repeated Republican calls for more domestic oil and gas drilling, but also indicated splits in his own party.

The senator called for reform of social security and Medicare rather than their end, as outlined in a controversial proposal by Rick Scott of Florida.

Romney said Biden should find a way to stop the flow of illegal immigration while accelerating legal immigration a less hawkish stance than most in his party.

His call to ditch woke advisers came along with advice ahead of midterms in which Republicans are favoured to retake Congress.

The phrase associated with Clinton's victory over George HW Bush, coined by the adviser James Carville, was: The economy is stupid.