Moderna CEO: When COVID - 19 booster shot will be available to the public

Moderna CEO: When COVID - 19 booster shot will be available to the public

Moderna CEO Maria Stphane Bancel revealed Thursday at Mornings with Maria an interview to him when his company's COVID - 19 booster vaccine could be available to the public.

He noted that the company is waiting for a bit more data, but said that in some countries, the Moderna booster shot could be available to some demographics as soon as September.

Banglade told host Maria Bartiromo that we have already tried in humans a booster of the Delta strain, the beta virus and reported this morning that we're also testing the South Africa booster so that data is going to come together in the coming months.

He noted that when we see the totality of the data, we'll take the best booster.

He stressed the urgency of providing the booster shots to that population given that respiratory viruses are more dangerous in the fall and winter.

And so it is important that people who were vaccinated a long time ago, especially with vaccines that have had lower efficacy, be protected so they do not end up hospitalized in the fall and winter, said Bartiromo.

In May, the company announced that two of Moderna's COVID - 19 vaccine booster shots under study were associated with an immune response against SARS-CoV - 2 and variants first identified in South Africa and Brazil.

A variant-specific booster shot resulted in higher levels of neutral antibodies against the original South African variant with fewer side effects than a third shot of the variant vaccine.