More than a third of people cut down on food, essentials

More than a third of people cut down on food, essentials

A new survey shows that more than a third of people in England, Wales and Scotland are cutting back on food and essentials in order to help with the cost of living.

The ONS has reported that 9 in 10 - or around 46 million people - have seen their cost of living go up in the last month.

More than half of the people aged 55 and 74 are reducing how much gas and electricity they use at home, according to the research done between the end of March and June 19th.

57% of people who had seen their cost of living go up were spending less on non-essential items and 42% were cutting back on non-essential journeys in their vehicles, according to the data.

A government spokeswoman said we have taken action to help households by phasing in 37 billion worth of support throughout the year, which includes specific support for people through the difficult winter ahead. Over the winter, everyone will receive 400 to help with energy bills. She says it means that we're unable to do any extras that we want to do, because it means that we're a big outgoing. According to the ONS research, almost a quarter of those who were seeing a rise in their cost of living had used savings to cover their costs, and 13% reported using more credit than usual.

We need to spend more money on supporting households over the rest of the year and next as energy bills rise further.