Mortgage in t Veld: MEP warns EU on rule of law

Mortgage in t Veld: MEP warns EU on rule of law

This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. In a move that followed a similar decision by Poland's Constitutional Tribunal earlier this year, Romania's Constitutional Court ruled last week that a decision by the European Court could only be applied if the country's constitution was amended.

The case brought by Romania's highest court in a case that condemned former ministers and parliamentarians for tax fraud and corruption in the management of European funds. The move brought into question the primacy of European law over national law, just as in Poland's case. MEP Sophie in t Veld warned that the issue should be top of the agenda for European Council President Charles Michel after he was told by MEP Sophie in t Veld. She blasted: If member states no longer accept the primacy of EU law and the authority of its highest court, the EU is effectively disintegrating.

The European Council is still unable to deal with the issue because of a full rule of law crisis. It should be on the agenda. In October, Poland's Constitutional Tribunal ruled that parts of the European Union treaties were incompatible with its constitution. Poland argues that the European Union is overstepping its mandate and, in a Financial Times interview published in October, the ruling nationalist Law and Justice Party's PiS Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, accused the European Commission of holding a gun to our head.

The Polish leader warned that the EU Commission was at risk of a third world war by making demands on the rule of law. He added: What will happen if the European Commission starts World War III? If they start the third world war, we are going to defend our rights with any weapons at our disposal. The Commission denied the country the advance payment for its recovery funds.