Most coronavirus cases in Africa going undetected

Most coronavirus cases in Africa going undetected

Official statistics on coronavirus cases in Africa give the impression that the continent has been spared the worst of the pandemic. However, in a continent where most deaths are not listed officially and many countries are struggling to vaccinate their people, the great majority of coronavirus cases — an estimated six out of seven — are going undetected, according to Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, Africa director of the World Health Organization.

Moeti said in a news briefing on Thursday that Dr. Moeti is the W.H. O. estimated that about 59 million people in Africa had been infected with coronavirus after the start of the pandemic through Oct. 10, from the onset of the infection in Africa to India. Only somewhat more than 8 million cases have been officially recorded.

Now is the time to go on the offensive against Covid. Do workers and non-profit organizations work with local communities to stop transmission chains and stop wide outbreaks from happening, Dr. Moeti said?

O. s analysis was derived from a coronavirus calculator developed by Resolve to Save Lives, a global public health organization that specializes in cardiovascular disease and preventing epidemics. The coronavirus calculator estimates infections based on the number of reported cases and deaths, and an infection fatality rate grounded in population-based studies according to a statement by W.H.