Nairobi Metropolitan Service to identify partners for redevelopment of county estate

Nairobi Metropolitan Service to identify partners for redevelopment of county estate

The Nairobi Metropolitan Service NMS is in the final stages of identifying partners for the redevelopment of county-owned estates under the affordable housing programme.

The second phase of the regeneration of 10 county estates in Nairobi is to put up 60,000 highrise rent or buy affordable housing units.

The project includes the redevelopment of the estates including Bahati, Maringo, Jericho, Lumumba, Ziwani, California, Bondeni, Kariobangi North, Embakasi and Woodley.

The first phase of the government entity is on track to deliver 1,562 and 1,830 housing units in Pangani and Jeevanjee estates.

The public-private partnership project, which was launched in January last year, will provide affordable low-cost housing with reasonable standards of sanitation to meet the huge demand for cheap homes.

Most of the identified estates are low-rise housing units occupying large chunks of land, and NMS said the project is aimed at addressing the deficit in Nairobi.

NMS director-general Mohamed Badi said that the project will be implemented in phases with initial developments taking place in open spaces within the estates to minimize disruptions and ensure a seamless transition.

He said that the project will comprise mixed-use developments and units and will be let out on a rental basis as well as home ownership under the affordable housing concept as well as open market sale.

The NMS will employ the whole of government approach and is currently in the final stages of identifying the development partners as guided by the law, said Mr Badi in a public notice.

He assured the present tenants that demolitions will only happen when alternative housing is completed.

The NMS boss said measures will be put in place to preserve historic and heritage sites that are currently within the estates.

He said that the NMS wants to inform and assure the public that the projects will be undertaken in a participatory, open and transparent manner, guided by the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan as well as the Eastland Urban Renewal Plan.

More than 10,000 units will be built in Lumumba, Maringo 8,000 Kariobangi North 1,500 Embakasi 4,000 Bondeni 774 California 2,500 and Woodley Estate 6,000.