Nancy Pelosi vows support for Ukraine

Nancy Pelosi vows support for Ukraine

After a secret visit to Kyiv and a three-hour meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky, Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged broad economic, military and humanitarian support for Ukraine's government, saying the United States would stand with its ally until Russia was defeated.

As the war shows signs of turning into a prolonged conflict, the comments by Ms. Pelosi, who led a small delegation of Democratic lawmakers to Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, reflected the remarkable evolution of American policy toward Ukraine's struggle against Russian aggression.

America stands with Ukraine until victory is won, Pelosi said at a news conference in Rzeszow, Poland, using a phrase that the other lawmakers in the delegation echoed.

The House Speaker insisted that the United States would not be deterred by threats from the Kremlin — do not be bullied by bullies, as the Biden administration increasingly casts aside fears expressed by some early in the war that too much American assistance to Ukraine could cause a direct conflict with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.