NEC to provide coating service for PCs to combat COVID 19

NEC to provide coating service for PCs to combat COVID 19

NEC Corp. is going to provide a coating service for business operators in late February to use on personal computers as an anti-coronavirus measure.

According to the major Japanese technology company, the glass coating will be effective for around five years and will reduce the need for users to sanitize their computers.

On the surface of PCs, liquid mixed with an agent that inactivates the virus will be applied to form a solid glass membrane when it reacts with moisture in the air.

According to NEC, the technology was developed by Tokyo-based glass coating manufacturer HardoLass Holdings Co.

The viral amount was reduced by more than 99.9% a day after the liquid was applied to devices, according to a test conducted by a third-party organization.

NEC will have the agent tested for effectiveness against the highly transmissible omicron variant that has been responsible for recent surges in COVID 19 infections in Japan and overseas.

The company will offer the service for its desktop and laptop PCs and related devices such as mice and keyboards.

NEC will provide the service at its kitting centers, as well as make visits to its customers, with the service cost based on the number of PCs it will cater to.

The coating service is priced at 440,000 $3,870 for a package of 100 PCs made by NEC.

The company will charge 213,400 for 20 sets. A set includes a desktop or laptop, along with additional devices such as a mouse and keyboard.

The coating service will be provided by the company for other manufacturers, but the firm will charge less if a customer buys NEC computers at the same time.

NEC will consider making the service available to individual customers in the future.