New CEO for Utenos Trikota

New CEO for Utenos Trikota

Nomeda, a textile professional who started leading the business development and innovation of Utenos Trikota last year, has mobilised the team and successfully continued the company's transformation into a high value-added, sustainable and innovative production. N. Kau ikien has 20 years of experience in the textile sector. She successfully managed a factory in Vietnam, founded by LTP, a Danish textile manufacturing company, for almost nine years before joining Utenos Trikota. Ms Kau ikien has made a significant contribution to the company's accelerated operational refinement since joining Utenos Trikota.

Despite the challenges in raw materials, energy prices, and supply chains, Utenos Trikota has a huge long-term potential for profitable growth. Together with the company's professional team, we will maintain the strategic discipline to ensure sustainable production while introducing innovative technologies. The most promising market segments have strong sales volumes, and these are the prerequisites. According to N. Kau ikien The new CEO will replace Vytautas Va kys, who temporarily headed Utenos Trikota and will serve on the boards of other SBA companies, and will continue to lead employee development and serve on the boards of other SBA companies.

Utenos Trikota is one of the largest and most sustainable knitwear manufacturing companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Utenos Trikota are the main activities of the company, which is custom garment production and the development of innovative materials. In 2020, the company became the first in the world to be awarded the Greenpeace Textile Manufacturing Standard.