New Jersey shoppers say inflation is forcing aid at home instead of Ukraine

New Jersey shoppers say inflation is forcing aid at home instead of Ukraine

Shoppers in New Jersey told Fox News that inflation was forcing them to change their habits, with several saying that aid at home should be prioritized over helping Ukraine.

One New Jersey resident said that inflation has impacted his daily decisions, and that he hopes it goes down eventually, especially gas and food.

According to AAA, gas prices reached a record high on Wednesday, at $4.40 per gallon. In April, inflation fell to 8.3%, down from 8.3% the year over year, but remained near a four-decade high, the Department of Labor reported Wednesday.

Lisa, a New Yorker, told Fox News that she was getting paid the same rate. I have to buckle down on some things and just do what I can afford. Frank, of North Bergen, blamed President Biden for the rising inflation.

The government is making a lot of the wrong moves, he told Fox News. If they made better choices, we would be okay. Biden said Tuesday that he believes that stopping inflation is his top domestic priority.

Sharon, from Jersey City, said: "You really have to calculate everything." I had my rent increase as well. Sharon said if things continue as they are, it's going to be bad for everyone.

Some shoppers who spoke with Fox News sympathized with Ukrainians suffering in the war, but said the U.S. should help more at home.

Lisa said we have our own problems. I don't think we should be helping as much. Frank, of North Bergen, said everyone feels for Ukraine. Congress passed a bill Tuesday that would provide $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. Since Russia invaded the country in February, it was only the most recent assistance the U.S. has given the country.

I understand that we should definitely help those who are having a tougher time than us, but I think that is a little excessive, especially with what was going through here on the home front, Sharon said.