New Peak Tram launched with 210 passengers

New Peak Tram launched with 210 passengers

The upgraded Peak Tram with a modern classic design can carry 210 passengers. The Peak Tram's latest, dressed-up version, designed to carry 210 passengers, will welcome visitors on August 27 for an exhilarating 1.27 kilometer ride that ascends to 396 meters above sea level.

The operator Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels offers a special package for the journey with family and friends on the upgraded sixth-generation funicular railway from Garden Road to Victoria Peak.

For two months, the Peak Tram plus Sky Terrace 428 admission package for adults and children and seniors will be on offer at HK $148 $18.90 HK $74 for the return trip. A single ticket will cost $122 HK $61. The 428 of the Sky Terrace, the highest such terrace in the city, refers to its location 428 meters above sea level.

A return trip ticket for the Peak Tram will cost HK $88 HK $44, and a single trip will cost HK $62 HK $31 for adults and children.

A thank you pass will cost HK$99 HK $50. An online deal is available until August 27 for HK $88 HK $44. The online deal can be found at https: ticketing.thepeak. There is also a super fans pack of 300 sets, each at HK $428. The pack includes a return ticket, Sky Terrace 428 single admission ticket, a limited-edition thermal bottle, canvas bag, notebook, and limited-edition commemorative ticket set.

The central terminus has been improved to accommodate up to 1,300 people with the waiting areas now covered. The platforms are now at the same level of the tramcar floor for easier boarding.

A 10 meter sculpture is one of the attractions at the central terminus. The operator said it was inspired by Hong Kong's spirit of ascension.

Martyn Sawyer, group director of properties at The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, described the upgraded Peak Tram operation as a milestone in the history of the much-loved icon, which has served Hong Kong residents and visitors since 1888. The central terminus of the Peak Tram has been improved to accommodate up to 1,300 people. May Tsang, the general manager of The Peak Complex, said the upgraded Peak Tram is looking forward to welcoming Hong Kong residents and visitors. Peak Tram was closed in June last year for an upgrade. When the company reported its interim results this month, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels said the total cost of the upgrade had increased to HK $799 million, from an estimated HK $734 million in 2021.

Revenue and occupancy of the Peak Tower, where fine views are a drawcard along with its dining, fell significantly in the first half, and rental concessions were offered.

A super fans pack of 300 sets, each at HK $428, will be offered for the August 27 resumption of services.