New York City is a sanctuary city, says Stuart Varney

New York City is a sanctuary city, says Stuart Varney

During his latest My Take Friday, Stuart Varney criticized the Biden administration for the destructive impact the border crisis has had on sanctuary cities such as New York City.

STUART VARNEY: Three miles from this studio, New York is building a huge tent city. Thousands of migrants are arriving every week, and the city must find all a bed under the law.

Homeless shelters are already full. The migrants keep coming, and 6,000 hotel rooms have been rented. They'll keep putting up the tents.

Step back a little and look at what's happening in this city.

New York is a sanctuary city, and that is an invitation!

The Democrats have opened the border. In the last year, two million have come to New York and 20% of them say it's their preferred destination. Money is moving out just as this is happening. There's no state income tax in Florida: head south on 1 -- 95, and you save big. You pay federal, state and city income taxes when you stay in the city.

New York is a warning. It is a city that has been run down by its own disastrous policies. Biden's open border has led to a new run down the road. Who pays for tent cities?