NZME to engage with Google, Facebook over pay

NZME to engage with Google, Facebook over pay

Nov 26, Reuters -- New Zealand media firm NZME said on Friday that it may choose to engage directly with Google and Facebook for fair payments for news content, even though the country's news publishers association sought regulatory approval for collective bargaining with the digital platforms.

NPA represents about 50 daily and community newspapers in New Zealand.

NZME has support for the NPA application, but it is important to note that participation in the arrangement proposed by the NPA is voluntary, NZME said in a statement https: www.nzx. Com announcements 383626.

NZME, which owns the New Zealand Herald, said it could continue to engage directly with the tech giants and will have full discretion to choose whether to participate in the collective bargaining initiative while the NZCC reviews the application.

NZME's portfolio includes several regional newspapers, radio channels and online websites.

Google and Facebook are required to have their own website, The article US-Australia-media-idUKKBN 2 AO 2 ZL has been in place since March to negotiate with Australian news outlets for content that drives traffic and advertising to their websites.

The search engine giant said earlier this month, https: Google-commits 740 Mln-Australia months after threatening to pull its services out of Australia, it will spend $1.00 billion $718.80 million in Australia over five years to correct its ties after a threat to pull its services from the country.