Ola Electric to upgrade Ola S 1 electric scooters

Ola Electric to upgrade Ola S 1 electric scooters

Ola Electric is upgrading its Ola S 1 electric scooter customers to the hardware of its Ola S 1 Pro scooters, according to Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal on Saturday.

Aggarwal took to Twitter to make the announcement. He said that you'll get all S 1 features and can unlock Pro range, Hyper Mode, and other features with a performance upgrade.

He said that the dispatch will be in January and February, and the customers will get an e-mail with all the details.

Ola electric began deliveries on December 16, 2021 after being under pressured by customers for a delay in delivery of e-scooters.

The company is facing questions about its product and service. Customers were told that the much-hyped features such as digital key and reverse mode will only be available in June 2022. There are many complaints on social media.

On August 15 last year, Ola launched its scooters on the occasion of India's 75th Independence Day. Ola S 1 is priced at Rs 99,999, while Ola S 1 Pro costs Rs 1,29,999. The price of scooters varies depending on the subsidies that are offered by them on electric vehicles.

Due to the global shortage of chips, the company had to delay the delivery timeline for the scooters. Aggarwal said earlier this month that the company's factory produces almost 1,000 scooters a day.

The scooters are manufactured at Ola 'Futurefactory'. The plant is a 500 acre area in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. The factory will have the capacity to produce 2 million e-scooters during its initial phase and up to 10 million units in the future.

On Friday, Aggarwal said that the final payment window for scooters will open at 6: 00 pm on January 21 on the Ola App for all customers who have completed the advance payment of Rs 20,000. He said Ola Electric will send the S 1 Scooters across January and February.